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MultiPlus 24/5000 - not allowing changes with digital multi control


today I was installing my bought (used) Multiplus.
But it is not working as I thought:

I Had connected a Multi Control and a new Color Control.

In the display from the Multi-Control I can only see "AC-1" --- I can't switch the input amperes.

Then I can't make any changes with the Color Control. (because a VE.bus is installed?)

The Multiplus is only loading the batteries (4x 200 LPT Victron) with 1,9A also they are on 80%

Is there anything big mistake I do not see? The former used 24/3000 was working without any problems...

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerCCGX Color ControlVE.Bus
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Mark answered ·

Refer to section 3.1 in the CCGX Manual;

If you are running a VE.Bus BMS then the 'input current limit control' in the CCGX is disabled.

However you can control this from a 'Digital Multi Control' panel, just make sure that;

1- It is plugged into the 'Remote Panel' port on the VE.Bus BMS unit.

2- That the 'Overruled by Remote' option is selected in VE.Configure.

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piemuth avatar image piemuth commented ·

OK, thank you for the fast answer. That means, I need such an USB-Interface to configure the Multiplus with the VE.Configure out from the computer...

And the the very low current for charging the batteries must be an other problem?

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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ piemuth commented ·

Es ist sowieso besser immer erst mal die Einstellungen zu prüfen, du weißt ja nicht, was der Vorbesitzer da eingestellt hatte.

Im selben Atemzug würde ich die FW vom Multi auf den aktuellen Stand bringen.

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