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Mosfet's for Victron Phoenix compact multi 12/800/35 ?

Hi everyone, would any of you know where I could get the correct Mosfet for Victron Phoenix compact multi 12/800/35?

The number on the burnt-out ones seem to be 1G01S8-N304AP, I can find Mosfet N304AP, but none with the full number. I don't know a lot about this sort of stuff, but I know I could resolder new ones if I could get them. I bought the unit second-hand none working, and I want to see if I can get it working again, I only have a couple of 100w solar panels at the moment and a cheap inverter, so if I could get this good brand name working it would be great. Any help would be great. Thanks, guys.


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Sten answered ·

I would writing the numbers on the mosfet down and try Google them.

I have done this many time, when i need a specific pice of Electronic.

But if you Are not familier with Electronic components i would suggest getting help from someone Who is.

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I already did a google search, but could not find anything with the full number. 1G01S8-N304AP but did find ones that matched the later number N304AP. That is why I asked this question on here. I do not have any knowledge of these parts, but I would be able to replace a faulty part without a problem I am sure. I know there is a risk working with electric so I will be careful when you are like me and don't have the cash to buy new products, sometimes it worth the gamble buying faulty second-hand stuff and trying to repair. I have repaired many an electronic unit over the years. Youtube has been my mentor,

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wkirby answered ·

Hi Paul

Another one!! I'm kind of envious, where are you finding these things!?!
Repairing power packs is not for the feint of heart, but there is nothing to lose except all of the new MOSFETS if the real cause is further up the chain. Check the MOSFET drivers too.
Anyway, ISL9N304AP3 seems the most likely part to me. Good luck finding one of those though, they are surely obsolete by now.
So, you'll have to make do with more modern equivalents. Let's hope for a lower RdsON parameter and then you'll have greater efficiency.
ISL9N304AP3 has RdsON of 3.6mΩ with a gate Voltage of 10V. It's marketed as a logic level MOSFET so we can consider the RdsON as 6mΩ @ 5V gate Voltage.
Other important parameters are: 30V max Vds, 75A Id, 4075pF Ciss and power dissipation of 145W.

First up @ 75p English pence is the Infineon IRLB4132PbF. It's a good match but Ciss is 5110pF, it will probably be fine but we don't want to overload the gate driver. I don't know what the gate driver is.

Next up @ £1.03 is the IPP039N04L. Ciss is lower, RdsON is lower too. Maximum power dissipation is rather low, but so is RdsON, so it will dissipate less power inherently. Price is not as good as the previous entrant, but not too bad I suppose. I recently bought MOSFETS of £6.50 each for another project.

For more money you could consider the IPP034N03L with even lower RdsON and the same power dissipation as the previous contender:

So there are a few equivalents to choose from.
Take care of your eyes, please. Make sure when you have done the work to fully close all of the covers. If something else is wrong and all of the new MOSFETs let go they can spray plastic fragments like bullets.
Power electronics is fascinating but dangerous.

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kai avatar image kai ♦ commented ·

I wasn't sure whether I should comment, as this should go without saying - verify that the leads match with PCB (e.g. drain, source, gate all going to where they should), and be careful of solder bridges.

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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ kai ♦ commented ·

Yes, that a valid point. The pinout is the same as the original.

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freko avatar image freko commented ·

Thanks again, I will try the cheaper ones first and go on from there, should I buy these in the UK or is the stuff on Aliexpress ok to use. The guy I bought this from said that the charger worked fine on the unit, I have not connected mains power to it yet. Just thought maybe this would help to know. Another couple of questions, which one is the mains input connector the top 3 pins socket or the bottom looking down from the front of the unit. Also, the battery connector has a + and - poll and then down to the left of that there is another + poll with a 200A fuse, which + poll do I have to connect the battery I am a little confused? Thanks again for your support, For £20 I don't have much to lose so I will buy these MOSFETs and try to see if anything works. I did connect a car battery to it yesterday and now no Led's come on as they did with the kids 12v toy car battery connected. I was just checking as someone said the alarm Led could be because of a low power battery. Paul. Cheers everyone. Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ freko commented ·

If the charger works, then the power pack should be OK. The inverter and the charger both use the same power pack.
The MultiPlus is more of a converter that works in either direction. Contrary to popular belief, it is not made up of separate charger and inverter units.

I hope that Appendix 1 of the manual will explain the connections:

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freko avatar image freko wkirby ♦♦ commented ·

Hi again, the new Mosfets arrived yesterday, I soldered them in position made sure no bridges about 1/2 hour ago, fitted heavier cable and a fuse on the Red battery cable. Then closed it all up and connected a 12v car battery just to test and the first Mosfet burnt out again. I have no idea what is going on. I had different LEDs lighting this time the invertor on Led and the Charger yellow Led when I replaced the burnt-out one with the only spare I had after just buying 5. I plugged the mains in on the second attempt without the battery, but yet again the same one burnt-out.


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wkirby avatar image wkirby ♦♦ freko commented ·

I'm not entirely sure how the power pack is designed. I don't have circuit diagrams or anything like that. My best guess, if the same one is blowing up each time is that its gate driver is faulty and driving it hard on. Excessive current will flow through it when it is supposed to be off.
That is just a guess, I'm not sure if each MOSFET has a dedicated gate driver for each. These kind of things are quite difficult to diagnose remotely.

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freko avatar image freko wkirby ♦♦ commented ·

Cheers, well it was worth a try for £20.

One more question, which is the correct terminals to connect the battery, there are + and - side by side and below there is another + terminal with a 200A fuse it has always confused me. I connected the + to the terminal with the fuse and the - the one above with the other + beside it. I do not understand why there are 2 + and 1 -. I thought it would be safer using the fuse one. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out, it was very kind of you. Paul...

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