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False reading on CCGX in AC-Coupled System with Quattro


I have an AC-coupled installation with Sungrow 2xSungrow SG50CX PV Inverters and 6xQuattros 15kVA (2 in parallel on each phase) and 140kWh Yilink lithium battery storage with built in BMS recognized as Pylontech on the CCGX. The PV inverter is connected to CCGX through Energy Meter EM340 and connected through RS485 to USB cable. When the PV inverter production is zero during night or if the PV inverters are off, the load reading is correct, but the PV inverters are producing power the load reading decrease to zero then go back to 400W on only one phase as shown in the attached video. in addition the battery shows that they are discharging on the CCGX while they are charging.

Please note that the energy meter is set to be on AC output in the CCGX configuration.

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It is 'correct' in the sense that if the sungrow is carrying all the load during the day and the inverters aren't providing power to the loads (since the AC output there on the GX is what the inverter reads as the load on itself).

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That’s not true, it carries the load instead of taking it from the batteries or grid but the load should be shown on the inverter output. Im sorry but the readings are wrong

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Here the pv inverter and batteries are carrying the load but it is shown on inverter output


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The fronius besides being fully integrated and supported by Victron in that picture is only giving part contribution with load and the batteries are part supporting load through the inverter. (So there is a load on the inverter).

If the inverter is not inverting to load, there is no load on the inverter.

In your post picture, your PV is fully supporting loads and charging so right now it is technically a negative load on the inverter in the picture. (Shown by charging)

You will have to do the test with partial PV load support.

Have you got the meter set to PV inverter on the AC output of the inverter?

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