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Question Regarding Victron 75/15 Smart Controller Compatability With Selected Panels

Last week I purchased two Solara 55watt solar panels and a Victron Smart Solar Controller 75/15

My boat is a Swan 46 with a 24 Volt electrical system. I wired the panels in series as indicated in the Solara instructions in series per the 24-volt diagram.

The controller shows a high voltage alert and indicates about 45 volts at the controller (which makes sense - 2 panels at roughly 22+ volts each). A voltmeter confirms the 45 volts.

Is there a setting or something I need to do at the controller to regulate the voltage for my 24 volt system? Or, are the panels simply the wrong voltage to charge a 24 Volt system?

Thank you in advance.

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Sounds like you got it wired up correctly.

You want to feed the MPPT with as much voltage as possible without exceeding the max input of 75V, so 45V should give you a bit of headroom to work with and the ability to add another panel in the future. The charger will regulate the voltage and current to your bank as it sees fit based on bank level and solar conditions.

The main thing is to make sure the controller recognized your bank as a 24V bank when you wired it up. It should do this automatically if your batteries were weren’t drastically discharged. You can also use the Connect App to set this manually if your 75/15 has the ability.

You mention a high voltage alert? Are you hearing this or seeing this?

The controllers have the ability to programmed for low and high alarms. Again you would make the settings in the Connect App.

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