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Setting up an alarm for charging status reaching 100%

Hello everyone ! Happy New Year 2024 !

Being currently away from my off-grid installation, I wanted to receive an alarm by email when the battery bank is fully loaded. If someone has already done this setup, advices are welcome.

My setup has the Cerbo GX with firmware 3.13, SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/100 rev2 firmware 1.61, Battery Monitor BMV-702 firmware 3.11.

I went to the settings, alarms rules, Battery Monitor State of charge, low 50 - clear alarm above 60, high 100 - clear alarm below 100.

But I would have preferred using the SmartSolar Charger parameters, when it just stop charging in order to have a more precise information.

Also, Victron, having an option to not display the alarms on the Cerbo GX monitor / screen will be great. Tipically here, as it is just an information to be sent by email.

Thanks everyone. Michel

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You can set an alarm on the MPPT using the parameter "Charge State" and then you get the option of which charge states to use, just choose float and you will get a VRM alarm / email when the MPPT goes into float. You will also get the cleared alarm when it leaves float. If the MPPT does not go into float but goes off when the batteries are full then the parameter "MPPT State" may work but I have not tried this.

Which alarms are you getting on the GX, do you have alarms set up on the BMV712 itself that are being reported on the Cerbo GX, VRM alarms should not go to the Cerbo GX so you must have them set up somewhere else in the hardware aswell.

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Hi Pwfarnell, many thanks for the trick ! I have added this alarm, as there is a difference between the 100% state of charge on the BMV702, and the float status on the MPPT. This way I have 2 confirmations that everything is running fine.

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