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Lynx smart BMS error 35 pre charge timeout

Hello, I am an employee of the Krug Expedition company, we have a serious problem when turning on the system it constantly gives error 35 pre charge timeout, there are 2 Multiplus 5000 inverters configured for parallel operation, the system is 24 volt, the main load in the control cabinet is also turned off and there are no consumers except the inverters are not connected at this moment to the BMS, when the +24V power wires are disconnected from the inverters, the system starts up, when connected, it cannot turn on, even if you connect external 220V power to the inverter. If the inverter is turned off to the OFF position, the system still does not turn on, how can this problem be solved? Do the inverters really take on such a load when they are turned off that they do not allow the system to start? I used to have Lynx ion bms and MG batteries, there was no such problem, is it a software problem? Addition: if you disconnect the power wires from the second inverter, and from the first only one power wire is turned



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