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Multi RS night behaviour

Config: Solar panels on string1 ~ 2800W , string2 to be extended later, Battery LiFePO4 10kWh / Unknown BMS, Multi RS Solar II (2 strings possible), Cerbo GX, Grid connection with fix price for kWh now.

Target: MInimize grid costs/dependencies.

By night, when sun is down and the battery has reached low SOC limit, the inverter starts to play charge (10Amps)/discharge cycles using the grid as source. This is degrading the battery and wasting money on it.

If I set passthru manually, the inverter bypass the energy without disturbing any unnecessary device, and everything is calm.

Can I setup my inverter to switch to passthru mode automatically when battery is at a low limit, and PV=0? And switch back when SOC>limitON and PVpower > ACConPower?

Any similar solution for night time?

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@Zoltán Vaczulin

Have you modded the system with integrations?

The system does not do that normally even with unmanaged batteries, it usually just discharges down to the SOC set point and stops there, goes into passthrough.

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