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Phoenix 3000 vs Multiplus 3000 and how does AES work?

I need an Inverter in the 3000VA range. Ideally I want an easy way of driving a pump as opportunity load.

The Multiplus should have 2 AC outs as I understand it. It also has a multipurpose relay. Can the 2nd AC out programmed to come live due to whatever state I want it to programme it or is it only ever live/off due to AC in available or not?

The Phoenix unit is not much cheaper than the Multiplus but is missing quite a lot of features due to the missing charger part but the inverter specs look the same on paper. The Phoenix is however advertised as for industrial use and uses a special HF something or other. Is the Phoenix more capable in any regard or is the Multiplusses inverter side just as capable with a ridicolous good package price? I dont actually need the charger.

Does the Phoenix multipurpose relay have the same assistants available as the Multiplus? With the inverted generator start from the other day, the opportunity load could be engaged reasonably easy if available.

How does AES work in a technically specific way? Is it only in action at basically zero load and goes back to normal shape under actual load and so spares the user to wait for 2 seconds at the worst?

Are there loads that dont like AES and blow up/dont work? My neighbour is green with envy about my Victron setup and now wants one too. He has however a very troublesome electronic jigsaw that is basically the maker or breaker for this deal and is very precious about its electricity shape for its softstart/rpm and refuses to start if it doesnt like it. On a regular operation and waveform it starts fine, he also likes the low idle consumption of AES mode...

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There's a whole bunch of questions in here. Have a couple of answers -

Re: driving pump, make sure that you factor in surge currents for peak / startup loading.

Re: AES, once the inverter recognises a load it will turn itself fully on. It can be finicky with low load devices - I think its a case of trial and error. If idle consumption is a factor, look at multiplus II if its suitable.

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