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Are my BMV-712 and MPPT 100/30 settings correct?

Hi All,

I am hoping to learn from others and also to find some peace of mind that I have correctly set up my new Victron Connect system. Any thoughts much appreciated.

This is my set up:

• 4 x 110AH AGM batteries (house bank)
• I have 2 x 110w solar panels wired in series
• 1 x 100/30 smart solar MPPT charge controller
• 1 x BMV-712 smart battery monitor

These are my current victron connect settings for my battery monitor and also for my mppt (no sun in Greece today and so I've just put my 50Amp battery charger on!)

A few of the other things I don't understand. Sorry!

• Why does the 'State' say open as opposed to Bulk/Float?
• Shouldn't it be charging at 14.4V as opposed to 14.2V?
• What should I be doing with regards to 'Synchronising SOC'....'Zero Current Calibration'...& 'Manual Equalization?'

Many thanks


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It seems like a good starting point. You'll need to fine tune the BMV settings to get the synchronisation to work perfectly with your setup.

"State" Open is under the Relay section. It is telling you that the relay contacts are in an open state.
The BMV does not display Bulk / Absorb / Float. The MPPT does do this.

The 14.4V setting in the MPPT is a target Voltage, the battery has to charge up to reach that goal. The Absorb stage will hold that Voltage as long as there is enough charge power available.

Zero current calibration can be set when you are sure that zero current is flowing through the shunt. You could disconnect all wires at the LOAD / CHARGER terminal of the shunt and then perform a zero calibration. This way the BMV knows what zero current actually is and will read as such. It helps with accuracy.
Perform an equalisation cycle according to you battery manufacturers specifications.
Synchronisation, like I mentioned earlier you'll need to tweak the settings to make this work just right. You'll have to watch when the MPPT goes to float that the SOC reads 100%, not too early, not too late. Consult the BMV manual to find out what the settings do.

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