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Quattro 48/5000, Venus disable AC charging remotely by signal or command?

I am looking at implementing an 'intelligent' energy harvesting system using a recently installed system that has PV array and a Pylontech battery bank and the above plus a mppt 150/70, that is to use a certain/calculated amount of stored energy in the evenings, and then restore that with PV sourced electricity via the mppt 150/70 the next day. I have made a seperate contoller to do this, that can monitor the SOC from the Pylontech bank via CAN Bus messages, so that once the SOC quota is used it will go back to AC power. I will activate the Inverter by an external transfer switch to disable the AC in and that will get the Inverter on line.

What I don't want the Inverter / Charger to do is use the main supply to charge the batteries automatically when it comes on again, that will be done by the PV the next day, I know one can switch off "Enable Charger" in the VE Configure but I want to be able to do this via a control signal or software command to the Venus or the Quattro everyday and can't seem to find any way of doing that so far.

I would appreciate any information in this regard.

One way of doing this is to switch OFF the Inverter by the remote control which is easily done but then there would be gaps in the data on the VRM portal since the Quattro monitors the main feed in terms of power supply.

Thanks in advance.

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There are 2 'ASSISTANTS' available that can be setup to allow you to enable/disable the charger component based on the open/closed state of an auxiliary input.

These must be programmed using VE.Configure software and a MK3 to USB cable connected to the VE.Bus port of the inverter/charger (Quattro or Multiplus).

Before using an assistant the 'virtual switch' must be disabled, but you will be prompted if it is still active.

It is possible for the relay output of a Venus device to be connected to an auxiliary input on the inverter/charger (Quattro or Multiplus) to control this remotely.

Option #1- 'Charge current control' assistant

Note: Due to the setup of this assistant (since its more focused around progressive charge current control between 2 limits) you can only disable the charger by closing an auxiliary input, and this logic cant be reversed

Option #2- 'Two-signal BMS support' assistant

Note: This assistant may change some charge settings, if utilized ensure that the the charge cycle behaves as expected post implementation

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kosmos avatar image kosmos commented ·

Thanks for the reply Mark, the 'Charge current control' assistant looks like it could do the job.

What do you mean by "you can only disable the charger by closing an auxiliary input, and this logic cant be reversed"

By that example reducing the input on the Aux input to 0 would disable the charge but then it will be enabled again when the voltage goes high?

Also I assume this is just controlling the DC charger in the Inverter and not the mppt charger.

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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ kosmos commented ·

Yes the charger will be enabled again if you open the Aux contact and the voltage goes high from the internal pull up resistor.

I meant that you can NOT reverse the logic to;

Aux closed = charger enabled / Aux open = charger disabled

As there are limits to the inputs it will accept, the only simple on/off logic you can use with this assistant is;

Aux closed = charger disenabled / Aux open = charger enabled

If this is a problem you may be able to use the 2 signal BMS assistant, but only the over voltage conditon portion.

Yes this will only control the Multiplus charger. The larger size MPPTs do have remote terminals to enable/disable charging, so if you wanted this functionally with these MPPTs its a bit simpler.

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