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add US2000C to ESS system : how to ?

Hi all,

my ESS system connected to grid is build with :
Cerbo GX v2.92 + GX Touch display
multiplus2 48/3000/32 v500 connected to VE.Bus version 2629500
RS450/100 v1.10 connected to VE-CAN
ET112 v4 connected to /dev/ttyUSB0
1x US2000C connected on Can-bus, version not displayed on GX Touch, SoH 99%

I am considering to add a second US2000C

I have read this:

can any one confirm if this plan sounds right :

switch off the entire system :
PV breaker : off (ideally not under load)
AC/out breaker : off
AC/in breaker : off
house grid breaker : off
battery breaker : off
battery n°1 power switch : off

keep battery n°1 connected to Can-Bus, it will remain Master

check battery n°2 dip switch : all on 0
connect battery n°2 to ground
connect battery n°1 link port1 to battery n°2 link port0
connect battery n°2 Plus to battery n°1 Plus
connect battery n°2 Minus to battery n°1 Minus

system power on :
battery n°1 power switch : on
need to press battery n°1 SW red button ? (GX device already 'knows' that battery)
battery n°2 power switch : on
wait a little while for batteries to complete software start
=> do I need to wait for batteries to balance ?

battery breaker : on
AC in breaker : on
house grid breaker : on
AC out breaker : on
PV breaker : on

wait for multiplus2 to complete startup, ESS system should be back online.

from there, and considering GX device v2.92, I understand both batteries will be automatically integrated in the GX device config, including DVCC values adjustments,
battery CCL & DCL should jump to 50A,
battery CVL should stay at 53.2V,

Is it really simple as that or am I missing anything ?

Multiplus-IIESSPylontech48v battery
2 |3000

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