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Smart Battery Sense - How many modules on one charge controller


I have two 12v 220AH AGM Calcium batteries in series for a 24v system.

There is one blue smart solar controller connected to the 24v batteries.

Is it possible to add a second Smart Battery Sense to monitor the temperature

on both batteries or can only one Smart Battery Sense be used on one ve

bus for monitoring ?

There are a few hints here and there but nothing definitive aside from the

fact that one Smart Battery Sense can be used on multiple solar charge

controllers connected to the same battery bank.

Does anyone have a definitive answer to this ?

Any help is much appreciated.


Smart Battery Sense
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Martijn Coster (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @Stuart,

What you describe sounds like using 2 Smart battery sense units to do midpoint measurement.
This is not supported. If you want to do this then you should get a BMV712

best regards
Martijn Coster - Victron Energy

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Stuart avatar image Stuart commented ·

Hi Martijn

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I already have a BMV-712 and will use it for midpoint monitoring.

I also have a victron battery balance unit to.

I wanted to use the second Smart Battery Sense just to monitor

the battery temp. One battery is brand new and the second one

is about a year old, it has however been connected to a blue

smart charger and on float from the day I recieved it.

Both Smart Battery Sense modules would be connected

across the two batteries so would read the same voltage

anyway. Is this possible to do ? I have a feeling I know the

answer is no.

I just wondered if you could have two Smart Battery Sense

modules on the same VE. network.

Many Thanks.


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