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Stored Trends not showing data when connecting remotely via VictronConnect

When I use VictronConnect to try to view stored trends on my mppt remotely through VRM, I only have access to 1 minute of data. Zooming out to 1 day shows nothing. Everything under the ‘history‘ tab does show up correctly.

When connecting directly with Bluetooth, stored trends works fine, and shows data from 30+ days ago.

Setup is a 100/20 mppt Smartsolar, connected to VRM. This allows me to use VictronConnect to connect remotely to the mppt from anywhere.

This feels like a software bug. Firmware is the latest on the mppt. My VC apps on both an iPad and an iPhone have the same problem.

Here is a video I made showing exactly what is going on:

Any ideas?

Thanks all!

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @jjuzwik,

This is a limitation of the design.

The stored trends data is stored in the memory of the bluetooth module, so it is only accessible via that bluetooth interface.

When connected remotely via a GX to VRM the data needs to be accessed via the VRM online portal (usually in the advanced widgets).

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Interesting…. I’m curious why am I still able to see the daily history Just fine? Is that not also stored in the Bluetooth module?

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No. That's also available on the non BT BlueSolar units and has been for many years. The 46 day logging feature has only been around for a little over a year:

While you may be lamenting the loss of your trends data on VC through VRM, it will always be there if you want to connect via BT... until 46 days have elapsed.

You will not miss it one bit when you're enjoying the 6 months worth of MPPT data logged in VRM, the custom widgets on the advanced tab and/or the ability to actually download detailed data.

The only benefit the Trends tab has is data frequency. It updates every second or so where VRM can only log at 1 minute intervals or longer. It's useful to see data at that speed for troubleshooting, and that's only useful live - which you can do with an active VC session. Here are the Trends logging intervals:

  • 2m at 1s interval (RAM only)

  • 2h at 30s interval

  • 1d at 5m interval

  • 45d at 30m interval

After 1 day of logged Trends data, VRM has the advantage at 1 minute intervals, i.e., 5X better resolution... 30X better at 45 days.

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