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Phoenix 12/1200 feeding Multiplus II 48/3000


I have a mobile installation in a van.

I have a DC/DC 12/48V charger that charges a pylontech lithium battery.

I also have a Multiplus II 48/3000, solar panels, and a cerbo GX.

To add some redundancy, I also have a Phoenix 12/1200 that feeds the Multiplus to charge the battery. (the DC/DC in some situations is not very reliable)

This was working perfectly, I had just to setup the multiplus to consider the AC input 1 as weak power to gently ramps the power demanded to the Phoenix (up to 800W +-).

For some reason, i had to exchange the Phoenix for a new one.

Now it doesn't work anymore. Here are the things I tried/tested/checked:

- the multiplus sees 235V at his input when the phoenix is on (checked via the cerbo GX)

- the phoenix is working as it should (tested with +- 600W resistive and 800W inductive load)

- tested many other things: set input as generator, shore, grid, grid feed in is disabled, set multiplus as charger only etc... nothing works.

- If I disconnect the phoenix and connect the grid to the multiplus, the green led ac blinks, the Multiplus starts and charge the battery .

I looks like the Multiplus is detecting that it's a Phoenix who is feeding him and refuses to start.

Are there any way Victron could disable this ?

Any other ideas ?


Here is the config of the phoenix:


Multiplus-IIPhoenix InverterPylontechcharge current limit
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Michelle Konzack answered ·

If you use the Phoenix on the ACin of the MultiPlus-2, set the input to "Generator" and the appropriated Amperes.

This should work but I do not know, how deep you can set the input currrent, because my Berlingo use MultiPlus-2 24/3000 and the House MultiPlus-2 24/5000 has the minimal seting of 6A (1440W)

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sebcbien answered ·

Hello Michele,

Thanks for your comment.

I can set the charge current to what I want in the charge current dialog of the Cerbo GX.

But my problem is that the Multiplus doesn't event "power on" when the Phoenix feeds, only when I put another source of electricity it starts and charge the batteries.

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Michelle Konzack avatar image Michelle Konzack commented ·
Hmmm, this is strange.

I just saw, that you have "Wake up Power" and "ECO" mode activ.

Disable both, because you want to switch on the Phoenix from the Remote Control and it should start immediately with FULL power.

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ECO mode is not active, the Phoenix mode is ON (not OFF or ECO)

So all those options are not active

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