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Nymea integration in venus OS

it would be interesting if you would consider integrating the nymea software within the venus OS (cerbo, octo, color control and venus GX). it could become a single gateway for home automation installed on the camper such as shelly relays for lights, wifi switches, ewelink commands for electric steps or portholes, a single control center for Victron and the rest of the on-board home automation ecosystems.

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Hi @mec

I'm not too familiar with nymea however this may be possible already.
Lots of folk have similar setups to this already using other home automation servers such as openhab/home assistant (I use openhab).

Just to clarify when you say integrate do you mean add Victron information into a nymea server? Or do you mean host nymea server on Venus os?

If the first one then I think this is already doable. I've had a quick search and looks like Nymea supports MQTT client. And Venus OS has MQTT server, so you can send/receive information via that.

Here's the guide from Nymea: sensor-on-mqtt-server · documentation (

And then here's info on Venus os mqtt: GitHub - victronenergy/dbus-mqtt: Venus OS service mapping the D-Bus on Venus OS to MQTT

(Sometimes this link is easier when working out the topics of the venus os data locations:

dbus · victronenergy/venus Wiki · GitHub)

(Happy to help with specifics if needed, I have MQTT connections setup for openhab)

If the second ie you want to host the nymea service on venus os, then this may be more of a challenge. However likely still doable.

If you're familiar with embedded linux (what venus os is based on) or if nymea has an opkg package (The package manager on venus os). Then install it may be easy. If not it could be a challenge as you'll have to build the nymea package from source.

There does seem to be build instructions/guide on nymea website but this will be more of a challenge if you've not install many programs from scratch on linux before.

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