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Multiplus /12/1600/70-16 defaults to error on sudden load

Could anyone please advise on the following scenario ...

Multiplus (12/1600/70-16) is operating on inverter with a constant load of approximately 60 W

An additional device (drill) is plugged in to the inverter outlet with maximum 350 W draw (I measured the peak of said device) and upon operation, the Multiplus effectively 'panics' and switches off, i.e., it doesn't switch graciously to AC IN 1 via UPS function, but switches to a situation of limbo. The inverter outlet is dead.

After about a minute, the unit recovers and switches back to inverter.

Any ideas what might be wrong?
Best regards

multiple inverters
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Drills are "noisy". Does any other less noisy 350 watt load cause the same problem.

Are you running on battery power? Measure the battery voltage at the terminal on the Multiplus. Battery fully charged?

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I repeated the experiment as follows:

- 350 W jigsaw: inverter held.
- 400 W hand blender: inverter held
- 200 W travel iron: inverter 'panicked' and switched to error mode. MultiPlus made humming sound. Unplugging iron, Multiplus recovered and went back to inverter mode

In all cases their was sufficient potential in the batteries (measured).

Some things I don't understand:
- if cause is voltage depletion why doesn't it graciously switch over to the grid via UPS?
- what is causing state of panic?
- why the loud humming?

Would greatly appreciate any help
Best regards

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If the Travel Iron uses a diode inside, then weird noises can be heard.
Was the Travel Iron on High or Low ?

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... as soon as I turned it on, the Multiplus started making a humming sound and panicked. The iron was on low.

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if the travel iron is using a diode for low power then its only using half the cycle ie the top or bottom half of the cycle thus this makes the unit only 800VA or about 650 watts so you maybe overloading it. and also the battery may not be able to deliver the required amps a

Other wise I sugest that yiou give amps and voltage readings and the battery size at the time of shutdown

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