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Smartshunt 500A SOC not in sync with Meritsun BT battery SOC

I have two panels with separate Victron regulators with - connected to the smartshunt and + to my Lithium Bluetooth Heat Pro III 200Ah battery. All load is also connected the same way.

The built-in Meritsun battery monitor shows far less remaining capacity than the smartshunt does. Is there anything I can do to keep them more in sync?



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Can you share your bmv settings. They probably need tweaking

Does the meritsun show discharge AH?

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henrik avatar image henrik commented ·

@Alexandra Thanks for the swift reply!

The Meritsun is pretty stupid and doesn't show anything more than the picture (except for voltage/current) :/

Here are the smartshunt settings:


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mvas avatar image mvas henrik commented ·

This is what matters ...

At what voltage does the Smart Shunt re+calibrate to 100% SOC. At what voltage does the MeritSun re-calibrate to 100% SOC. When these two voltages are exactly the same then the two % SOC's should have minimal difference, assuming the both shunts can accurately ( or identically ) measure amps flowing in/out and both compute % SOC the exact same way (math formula) with given parameters.

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We have a 12v mertisun in a 4x4 setup.

Have the peukerts at 1.03

Charged voltage 14.2

Charging the battery up 14.4/6v cant quite remember there.

Their internal SOC of the mertisun could just be calculated a bit differently.

31AH from 200AH though the 85% is close to what is expected there. Since 31ah is about 15% of 200AH.

What are you charging the battery up to? Maybe the mertisun did not go high enough to trigger its 100%

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henrik avatar image henrik Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Thanks. I think my charged voltage was wrong for my lifepo4 battery. Changing it to 14.2 and also lowered the peukerts to 1.03. This might improve things :)
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