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Battery Protect installation position

I have just purchased a smart BP-65 to install in my Volkswagen T5 van and ready to install.

My 95Ah battery is installed under my drivers seat. There I have a 16mm2 cable about 15cm long from the positive battery pole to a 50A circuit breaker. From the breaker I run a 2.5m long 16mm2 cable up in the pillar to my fuse box in the high roof of my van. Here is where I also have my Victron shunt installed with the negative running down again to the battery and earth point under the driver seat.

Now I read in the BP-65 manual that the BP should be installed “in a well-ventilated area and preferably close (max 50 cm) to the battery”

So I should install the BP-65 under the driver seat. Fortunately I choose the smart version with Bluetooth support, lifting out the driver seat is a hassle.

Question: How about the BP-65 distance from the shunt? I read in following guide from AMSOLAR (who share various diagrams on there website) that the BP-65 should be installed “within about 12” of the shunt”

~ So should I prioritize a distance close to the battery or close to the shunt??

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The BP positive cable between it and the battery needs to be as short as possible. Otherwise you will probably suffer false short circuit detection errors by the BP.

You have also mentioned that the shunt is in the fuse box, wired down to the battery whose negative is bonded to the chassis there. Do you plan on having loads use the chassis as a return path to this battery? If so, the shunt will be bypassed and will not measure the current used by those loads.

You can have the shunt in the fuse box no problem, but there must be absolutely nothing connected between battery negative and the shunt.

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