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Multi RS Solar hardware revisions for parallel


I've got an existing Multi RS Solar and I'm in the process of getting a second for another project however I'm mindful that at some point a firmware update may arrive for operating these units in parallel.

I know with the Multiplus/Quattro units, if you want to run them in parallel then the hardware versions need to be identical.

With this in mind my question is: Are there any hardware revisions of the Multi RS Solar that I need to be aware of when purchasing a second so that if the firmware where to become available then I could use both for the purpose?

My current units serial no starts with HQ2208 which I understand means week 8 of 2022. Is there a range of serial numbers that are identical hardware to this one?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) , could you point me in the right direction? Not sure who to ask about this one?

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @Semlohnhoj ,

First thing to say is that nothing is known for certain, not even by Victron.

I can tell you what I know right now, but it is not a promise or commitment, and should only be taken as my best effort to be transparent with the information I have.

The hardware revision requirement for VE.Bus parallel synchronisation MAY not be as strict for VE.Can parallel synchronisation.

Already there is an improvement in the Inverter RS implementation where it is possible to run several inverters with different firmware versions together.

There is a new “protocol version” that needs to be the same, but this is seperate (and hopefully more consistent) across firmware and hardware changes.

There is a reasonably major hardware revision that has already occurred since your model, that brings 2 MPPT trackers into the Multi RS, instead of just one.

I have not yet tested it, but I believe that this major hardware revision will still be able to parallel with the previous hardware revision.

I will try it as soon as I am able to get one.

The only official public statement on the matter from Victron is that Multi RS does not yet support parallel, and we do not know what changes will be required, if any, to make it available and working reliably.

We are working hard on it now as a priority for that team to bring that clarity, but any decision one way or the other before that official announcement is at your own risk.

I hope that is still helpful :)

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Alexandra answered ·


It is also a question of component aging as well. Even if you got exactly the same manufacture date and batch (new and boxed). Adding it to a unit already in service would not be possible as components values change values and is that also dependant on the operating conditions and system use.

Revisions happen naturally as new batches of components are made anyway. So the reason hardware revisions are made ismore often because of supply. (Besides the obvious improvement to product which it is still in the process of). I am fairly certain the same rules will apply as to the Multi 2s.

If you are planning a system with the possibility of moving to parrellel or three phase the Multi RS range is not the way yet as there is not date for when that will even be a possibility.


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semlohnhoj answered ·

Thanks for the replies. The parallel operation is a nice to have rather than a necessity (very nice though :) ).

The unit I was looking to procure is a single tracker version that has been in stock a fair while as well so I'll take that for now and keep an eye on updates for the future.

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