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Buck boost settings wrong?


I have setup the following system:

Victron Buck boost connected to car and lifepo4 Victron smart lithium 100ah.

Smart shunt and bmw712 installed..

Ve.bus BMS installed

Here’s the problem. When I connect via app to the battery, my lithium battery has 13.5 V already.

With ts config I have set a full battery voltage of 13.2V, charging Voltage of 14.2 with 40A. Unfortunately the buck boost switches on and keeps charging. I am afraid I will damage my battery.

The green wire is connected to the vE.Bus BMS at charge disconnect pin.

What did I do wrong?

I have enabled the bms in ts.config. Since then the checkbox for the green wire is greyed out. Should I disable this and check the green wire checkbox instead manually??

Please help

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