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SOC percentage scheduled charging

Why is it not possible to charge per 1 percent with scheduled charging? It go's in steps of 5% which causes some overvoltage issues with my BMS when it charges to 100%. 95% is a bit low, I would prefer to have the possibility to charge it to 99% if I want it to. Seems like a very simple change in the setting to apply

Multiplus-IIbattery chargingSOC
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You can voltage cap in DVCC. That usually sorts that out.
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When cells are unbalanced at 100% thats not really a solution because 7 cells undervoltage and 8 cells overvoltage are still together 51,4v

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Longer absorption helps there. And your battery balancing system should sort it out.

The main issue is the cells are out of balance not the SOC percentage.
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