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Orion Smart - possible to configure reverse current flow option???


I have a camper with an Orion Smart HQ2053 used to manage charge of the leisure battery from the van alternator/battery.

On the leisure side, I also have solar controlled by SmartSolar HQ21427 and the battery is monitored by a SmartShunt HQ2219.

The solar is doing a great job on the leisure battery.

What I am looking to do is also utilise the solar to keep the van battery topped up. As its a camper is used infrequently and after a few weeks standing the van battery is often very low.

I'm thinking I have an option to manually connect the van and leisure batteries together when the van is stood but the best solution would be to automate connectivity treating the solar as the charger for both batteries when the engine isn't running?

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance


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