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Orion DCDC working with IP22 AC SMart Chrager

Hi All,

Have a boat with a 120AH lithium House Battery (non-victron with internal BMS) and Lead Acid Starter battery.

Successfully wired up both the Orion DCDC charger and IP22 AC Smart Charger (with 3 outputs).

With the IP22 AC Charger wired to both the Lithium and Lead Acid, one on each output (lithium in this instance can handle this as its BMS is designed to manage power inputs for Lead Acid profiles - for plug n play use in other environments).

Tested both independently but having run the Orion Charger, I am now concerned of a potential issue running both wired up permanently together.

Based on the settings in the smart App and the manual for the Orion, it really seems to just basically activate and deactivate based on the Voltage reading from the Start Battery, higher voltage indicating the Alternator is running.

My concern:

If the IP22 charger is connected and running, won't the voltage then trigger the Orion Charger and as such then the Lithium will receive inputs from both Orion (via the Lead Acid from spike from the AC Charger) and also independently via the IP22 AC Charger? Thus either tripping each other out into a no Charge state or risk damaging the BMS?

Should I:

1) leave as is and the Victron devices will handle the input loads based on needs themselves?

2) simply disconnect the Lithium from the IP22 AC Charger? And it will receive charge from an AC outlet via the Lead Acid first after it reaches voltage and then through the Orion? Is the AC charger then likely to cut out at a higher voltage and the Lithium will never fully charge on an AC input?

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