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Low Soc Alarm + Alarm Relay when all conditions seems good


I have 2 AGVs running with your battery setup.

Our setup is:

  • 4x LiFePO4 battery 12,8V/160Ah - Smart
  • 1x Lynx Smart BMS 500A
  • 1x Venus GX

We have also other equipments to make the interface between BMS and the power consumers/chargers (e.g: Cyrix-Li-Load).

At time to time (sometimes once in a month, other times once in a week) we receive from BMS the signal "Alarm Relay" combined with the error "Low SoC" that come to the PLC by Venus GX.

From our internal log we see that this faulty state occur for up to 5 seconds and after this faulty event everything runs like the expected. When it happens the SoC is in a very decent level (>80% and a battery voltage around 53V). In fact when this happen everything stills running well apart the alarm by itself.

Just today we have a big problem related to this: the faulty state was active longer than 8s and the AGV suddenly was without power - I believe the ATD contact was open during that time.

When the maintenance team arrives near the AGV they check all batteries/BMS status.

Battery 1: 13,27V

Battery 2: 13,26V

Battery 3: 13,24V

Battery 4: 13,25V

In all batteries all the cells are balanced with a decent temperature (<=40ºC).

The BMS had 85% of SoC with the state "Allow to discharge" at "Yes". The AGV only power ON when we switch OFF/switch ON the "Remote on/off function".

Our "Discharge floor" parameter is set to 10%.

Thanks in advance.

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