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Multiplus Fault

My Multiplus suddenly stopped charging the battery while connected to shore. VRM says ‘fault’, but I can’t find any more details than that. I tried to turn off the inverter and then start it again. It briefly switches on, goes to ‘bulk’ for a second and then switches off again. This pattern repeats 3 times and then the inverter goes to ‘fault’ state.

I checked shore quality. input voltage is 124.4V and frequency is 60.3Hz All that looks normal . Ve.bus doesn’t show an error. No error notifications and nothing in the logs .

How can I troubleshoot this further?

multiplus ve.busfault
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Have you checked the protection fault log? I find this with VE configure. I had a similar problem with generator charging that went low voltage when connected in charge mode. Multi would sync, switch to charge briefly, then drop out back to invert mode. Fault log was low voltage disconnect, and it was due to an earthing problem.

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Did you ever figure this out? I just had the same issue and discovered that the bms was in OVP, which cuts off the battery during charging, but that in turn creates a voltage spike in the inverter and shuts it off. I even lost grid power.

Turns out there's a Victron firmware update to address this, but I also had to lower my absorption settings to keep out of OVP in the bms.

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