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smart battery sence for starter battery temp (to far for cables)

Ok so my starter battery in my vehicle is too far away from the BMV712 to manageable measure voltage and temp. for my own reasons id like to measure both on the starter battery. i can measure temp (awaiting probe to be in stock at my supplier) and voltage on the house bank easily from the shunt. so i thought the sense would be the ideal solution for me.

however I believe the shunt and MPPT i have connected in bluetooth as a network are reading the temp on the starter battery as the house battery temp. (since there isnt a temp probe connected yet on tyhe house bank)

so id like to know if i can tell the system that the smart sense is on the starter battery or not in any way

this is a fairly new install and will later have a cerbo and multipluss added when i can afford them. so this is a short term problem i live in australia so im never going below freezing. the hgouse batteries are AGm and the starter is LA

in a perfect world id possibly ad an orion and a smart shunt to the starter battery but i'll be a while off from there

Smart Battery Sense
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If you add both to the same VE.Smart network, the BMV will override the data from the SBS if it has available sources, i.e., BMV voltage will be reported and SBS temperature will be reported because the BMV lacks a temp sensor.

If they are not in a VE.Smart network, they will operate independently.

There is no reason to put the two in the same VE.Smart network. You only need things in the same VE.Smart network if you need them to communicate with one another, and since you're just monitoring the starter battery, the only thing it needs to communicate with is VC and your eyeballs. The SBS will just be a connectable device in VC.

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