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Reading Victron trends

Hi All, So after installing my SmartSolar MPPT 20/100 I have been glued to the VictronConnect App and have noticed something. The graph is fairly detailed but then changes the historical to less detail after 2h. When this happens it also seems to halve the "load current" draw information that has been stored.....??? So when viewing in real time my fridge will draw 4amps when the pump is running but when tracking back more that 2hours on the "trends" the graph still shows the increase (when pump is running) in load but changes the value to 2amps?? All other graph setting show less detail but the values do not change, only the "Load current" gets adjusted?? All updates have been done and on current software/hardware versions. Please help!

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Hi @TheKock

With our trend implementation, the sampling period gets larger the further in the past the data is. This is also the reason why the behavior changes after 2 hours of historical data. At that moment, the sampling period becomes 5 minutes, instead of 30 seconds (or even 1 second) for more recent data.

What our trend implementation also does is average over the sampling period. This means that when the pump is on for 50% of the time during the 5 minute sampling interval and uses 4A when it is on and there is no current drawn when the pump is off, the sample in the trends will be 2A.

Kind regards,

Thiemo van Engelen

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Thank You for the detailed explanation!!!! Much appreciated!
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