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VE.Bus Smart dongle temperature data to Smartsolar Mppt

I just installed new 100/20 Smartsolar charger and Multiplus compact 12/800-35 to my offgrid cottage. My electronic devices is inside and batteries is outside so i need temperature sensors for my Victron products. Now i´m wondering if i buy Ve.Bus smart dongle to my Multiplus to add Bluetooth for it and maybe using it temperature sensor for Mppt and Multiplus?

Is it supposed to work together?

VE.Bus Smart Dongle
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Installed VE. BUS Smart dongle, it is now visible on victron app and tells me battery temperature, but when i open mppt from devices, i cannot edit temperature compensation, so i think they don't communicate together.

I thought smart dongle would send temperature data to mppt charger via bluetooth but i think it wont work that way.

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I have one that communicates well with my smart solar charge controller. I am not sure if connecting the charge controller to the multiplus will have any effect on it or if it will talk directly to the multiplus.

If someone can confirm it will work then take care with the distances. There are two models of the smart battery monitor. One has a three meter range and another has a ten meter range. Make sure you get the ten meter unit. Any walls or metal objects will badly affect the signal. To see if it will work I would try taking your phone to where the batteries are. If you can see the multiplus or charge controller it should work.

.... If they are compatible ! Can someone confirm please.

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