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Has anyone had their G99 A1-1 approved in less than 15 hours


I am sorry, I feel as if I am bragging.
But everything I had read about G99 forms was super scary and stressing me out loads.

And I just wanted to share, I followed the guidance found in other threads and submitted my G99 A1-1 form to my DNO, (NG or was WPD) via email at 8:30 pm last night, and at 11:30 this morning I got my approval
Has anyone got theirs back quicker than that ?

it's not that hard or scary, you don't need to pay someone hundreds of pounds to do it for you.
unless you want too.

I am installing a Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 230V with a 5kW 48V battery and a small solar PV system

Below is the main part of the G99 A1-1 form and my line diagram (a modified version of the one craigc posted)

I also attached the new 31 Mar 2023, G99 test certificate issue 1 amendment 8 (PDF Document - 857 kB) off the Type Test Registery.

It was as simple as that...

HTH, someone


Multiplus-IILithium Batterysolardno certificationg99
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And... we only have a 60A main fuse.

they offered to upgrade it to a 80A fuse, free of charge

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This is awesome - thanks for sharing! I think that may be a world record…

Our DNO is SPEN - they are notoriously bad to work with and painfully slow.

I know this thread is old, but assuming this is a self install, what did you put for Installer details?

I undertook all DC and AC stuff on my own, with an electrician checking it all after the fact. He’s willing to “sign off” on it, but he’s not MCS accredited.

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Craig Chamberlain answered ·

Glad to hear you got a good result. FWIW the landscape has changed a lot in recent months with some reforms to the G99 process (SGI-3) and the compliance of the Victron inverters. It also still varies a lot by DNO with my DNO SP Energy Networks being particularly slow and pedantic it seems.

When I started my G99 journey back in September, my first application just got rejected flat out due to the inverter compliance having just been revoked. I then had a series of emails back and forward with an average response time of 2 weeks each time, and constant clarifications and corrections. That’s when I decided to get g59projects involved because I just couldn’t be bothered with this distraction when I had too many other demands on my time.

Even then I took SPEN about 6 weeks to reply with my offer letter which was accompanied by a “design fee” demand of £300. This was even though there was no network reinforcement needed! I intend to contest this fee but paid it at the time just to get things moving. At that point the inverter was still not fully compliant so I didn’t want anything to give them an opportunity to change their mind!

Anyway, this is part of the problem - it’s just so inconsistent.

Very happy for you.

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Yes, and thanks again, I think it was your line diagram that won them over

me too, I started looking at it all late last year.. And it was only when I was ready to buy the Multiplus II 48/5000, did I realize that it's compliance had been revoked. So I have spent the last few months waiting, watching... and thinking that like you, I would then have to wait for the DNO to approve my install

I have had my batteries for months, but the Victron gear, Multiplus II, 500A shunt, Lynx and ET112. And cables, and other stuff all arrived this week.

I am ground mounting the Solar, just 2 panels to start with, The galvanised tube and key fittings just arrived today. the solar rails are on backorder, (hopefuly next week)
and then I will order the two Sharp 540watt half-cell solar panels

that should keep me busy

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pauldunn answered ·

I need to apply for G99 with Northern Power Grid so thanks so much for sharing this. I am curious though, where does the 4.4kW generating capacity come from? Isn't the MP 2 5000 only 4kW?

Ideally I want to get a approval for 2 MPs in parallel, would that still be the same form? Is there a source document for this diagram that I can edit to show 2 MPs?

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daza avatar image daza commented ·

No the rating 4.4kW is from the ENA you can see it on the ENA website which is what the DNO use. My DNO was really straight forward everything online and then upgraded me to 100amp on my request then approved connection to the grid and gave me till June next year to commission. They where not as scary as some sparks make out lol

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Yes, the data sheet shows 4.0 kW @25C but IIRC when grid connected the figure is for some reason 4.4kW. Have just checked again in the data sheet and manual and cannot find it there but I think it is authoritative.

Here is an extract from the certificate:


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cookiedude answered ·

Wow.. impressive.

Did you self install? If so (as I am thinking to) what did you put for:
Installer details:
Accreditation / Qualification
Is None a valid answer? Or do you (or anyone) know if I can put my local electrician (NICEIC Approved) as they will be doing the wiring for connecting it to the grid...

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ejrossouw answered ·

Yes ... 10 min from submission to receiving an approval with a 4.4kW export limit. This is for UKPowerNetworks who has been exceptional during all my dealings with them and in particular their "automated" application system, which even listed the approved Victron (and of course some other ;)) systems you could easily select from. (They even had the MP-II 8 & 10kVA options before the ENA published it in their database) Not to mention an export MPAN can arrive in under 12 hours after requesting it. There have been many positive changes with regards to the fastrack process, although some are still slow to filter through to all DNO's and in fairness some is overseeing infrastructure that poses immense challeges and applications warrant more scrutiny.

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