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charge current limit Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 is 140A according to datasheet, why so low ?

According to datasheet of Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 , the charge current limit is 140A.

In a 3phase-system , this is 140*3=420A. In combination with Pylontech US5000 batteries (14 pieces), this is for each battery a charge current of 420A/14batteries=30A

According to datasheet of Pylontech , recommended charge value is 50A for each battery. So this (30A versus 50A) means , that 40% lower can be charged due to capacity (or rather limits) of Quattro !? This means longer genset or longer suntime needed due to this setting.

i guess my setup is commonly spread around the world and this change can help many persons.

setup: 3phase setup with 3 quattro's and +- 10 Pylontech US5000

Is there a danger for the Quattro's to make the charge current limit higher ? If not a hardware limit, can it be made higher with next firmware , so that a higher value can be choosen with VE.configure please ? if not, do you have other proposals ?

the discharge of 3*10000kVA corresponds with a discharge on DC of 30000VA*0,96/50V=576A , so this makes my assumption that the other way around, charge instead of discharge, is technically possible as well. although even 576A/14batteries= 41,1A is less than 50A, it would be a big improvement in the allround use of the Quattro. Do you agree ?



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