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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/45 Charging with low power

Hi all. Have a question regards Victron Smartsolar MPPT 150/45, firmware 3.13.

Sometimes it won’t start to charge with full power, it just stays between 0-20watt In Bulk modus.

It can be working fine for a while, and the next day when the sun raising, the voltage increases and charge power Is stuck below 20watt. Look like it won’t maximize the charge with voltage and current. The voltage should go down, and the current should raise. Just stay with high voltage.

Suddenly next day everything is working fine again for a while.

Anyone who have experienced something like this?

MPPT is 2 months old. So the warranty is there. But will check with somebody first, because they will probably blame me for wrong settings.

It is really annoying to use generator for charging, when the sun is shining.

-Newest firmware, 3.13

-Have tried to resetting the MPPT from Victron Connect app, IOS iPhone.

-Have tried to disconnect the PV and battery from MPPT, but no changes.

-Checked all connections, all torqued up.

-MPPT should charge with full power, 1200w+-.

-No problem to charge with generator 1800w. Working fine, so it can not be the battery. (Multiplus II)










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