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Controlling Solar Chargers max Amp by NodeRed


I have too much PV power due to my 2 pcs 250/100 Smart Solar chargers attached to a total of 7500Wp PV array. I only have 1pcs MultiplusII 48/5000 to feedin. This is by gridcode limited to 3,6kW, which I didn't know from the beginning.

If my chargers are set to an ie. 50A each limit (Victron Connet), the battery will be charged and house AC load can be sufficiently powered without using grid power. But at full battery, the house load is too small and solar chargers with ESS feedin excess to still run at full throttle which result in my battery doing large fluctuations of charging and discharging.

So I'm interested in controlling manually my Solar chargers max Amp by NodeRed, so their values can be set to i.e. 35A when battery is full (SOC above ie.98%). The 35A fits the MP2 capacity to feedin excess. I know this will depend on the house AC-load....but for now I can't control the MPPT's charge another way to have a stable system. High current will increase voltages, which is not great for my batteries and gives high voltage alarms by JKBMS.

(I have considered buying an extra MP2 to stable this and just use the net to feed in excess, but low income of excess energy just seems not to fit the expense of the MP2 )

BR, Lars

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