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Incorrect behavior with CCGX and Multiplus 12/3000/120

The CCGX and the Multiplus are not behaving as expectied. This is system is on a sailboat with a Multiplus 12/3000/120, CCGX, SmartSolar, SmartShunt, 2 300ah Relion lithium batteries in parallel. There are two propulsion engines with 80a alternators each and a 13Kw AC generator.

The Victron components replaced the AC Charger (no inverter), PV charger and added the CCGX and the SmartShunt. Originally AC was only available via shore power or the generator. I have no documentation of how these components are actually wired into the system. I have suspicions that it isn't quite right, but I can't figure it out.

I'm an electrical engineer so provide as technical answer as you wish.

1. Charge current is only 30-50 amps. I set the DIPs to allow 50a AC in and 100% chare current out. With the engines running the alternators can deliver 80a. With either charge source the system never reaches absorption voltage (14.4V). The highest voltage I've seen is 13.9V.

2. The currents/energy displayed by the CCGX don't make sense. With the generator on AC loads displayed are ~1000w when there is no such load. This system has a breaker between the gen and the MP. This is really odd: when I turn off the breaker leaving the gen running the AC loads stays at 1000w. If I turn off the generator the loads drop to a reasonable quiescent 25w.

3. The SOC jumps from 60% to 100% when I switch off the breaker controlling input to the MP. The generator is on in this situation. Switching off the generator does not reset the SOC.

4. The DC in/out display is wrong the the generator on. With the generator off the DC loads are ~180w. When the generator is on the DC jumps to 5-700w.

5. Do the DIPs override settings made with VRM?

6. I'm assuming the CCGX displays the following:
AC in as measured by the MP
AC out as measured by the MP
PV in as measured by the SmartSolar with it's own shunt.
Battery in/out via the SmartShunt
DC in/out must have a charge current measurement by the MP. Therefore DC in/out = MP charge current + SmartShunt charge current - SmartShunt current.

7. Can I access all settings with only the CCGX? Or do I need to use VRM? If so I have a laptop, a phone to tether with and maybe the right USB cords: can I configure the VRM?

Thanks in advance,

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1 Charge current as supplied is not max, needs to be configured on the MP, using a laptop, VE config and a mk3 to usb interface. I don't think this is possible with the dip switches or CCGX. In any case check that dip switch setting have been recognised. There is also an AC in current limit that you can set in the CCGX.

2,3,4 no idea except check wiring

5 yes

6 you're correct on AC. For solar, in/out figures both come from the MPPT. Smart shunt should be used for battery current only. So DC loads not coming from the battery won't be seen by it. These are often wired incorrectly. There's a DC calc in the Multiplus, but it's not accurate and should be turned off when you have a shunt. There's a setting in the CCGX to determine DC measurement source/display.

7 CCGX can set most things. But check which user level you're at.

The latest manuals are all downloadable from I've found the easiest way to get them is via the individual product page.

There's also the option of registering with Victron professional and checking the online training, it's free and has much more than the manuals.

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@chrisGA also, depending on the battery compatibility, some readings from them may be in the system.

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1. The service manual says charge current can be set with DIPs, but I also found an error in the DIP section of the manual regarding the Output AC volts. I set the charge current to 100% but see 25-45% at best.

It's odd that the CCGX can set the max AC input to the MP, but few of the other settings that the DIPs control.

6. The CCGX manuals suggest using the "Has DC system" when direct DC loads/charging is available. In order for this to work the MP must measure its charge current output.



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Yhe dios are the old way of doing things. It is easier to use the vrm and a laptop, or an mk3.

If you have done any part of the dip sequence wrong, it wont work as expected. you cant skip over settings you dont need to change.

And how can you confirm whether it was done correctly?

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I wish I wasn't using DIPs, but the procedure is easy enough except for removing the cover where I risk loosing the screws into the bilge. Unfortunately I am sailing and this boat doesn't have what I believe I need to connect.

What I have yet to figure out is if I can use VictronConnect with only a USB cable because I don't have any of the dongles.



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