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Multiplus II fault, power transistor exploded

Hello there, I've already posted in French community but posting also here to have wider reach.
I have an installation with a Multiplus II 48/10000/140 with 5 Pylontech US3000C batteries, and just under 3kWp of PV field. The whole "house" is powered by the Multi.

Installed at the end of December 2022, everything worked perfectly, even beyond my expectations it was really top. I say it was because this night at 5 o'clock power cut, nothing powered anymore in the house. The multi was off with only the "low battery" light and the Pylontech in "fault". At first I thought it was a power cut with the batteries empty, but the power from grid was ok. When I removed the lower cover that protects the connections, I saw a piece of broken component marked on it "072N10N" it's a power transistor so it sucks. Looking underneath in the power block on the right, I can see the exploded transistor.

To specify the context, at the time of the cut, the Multi was in scheduled charge (limit to 80A to the batteries) because I'm in off-peak hours during the weekend thus not need to solicit the batteries, and the batteries had been charged from midnight to 1am approximately to reach the threshold of 65% that I fixed. So when the threshold was reached, the Multi was not using the batteries and he had to pass only 800W from the grid to the house. So it's not possible that it's due to a load peak.

I turned off everything, disconnected the Pylontech from the Multi, connected the Cerbo on a 12v transformer to get some visibility. Then I turned back on the Pylontechs which are ok again and seen by the Cerbo with a 64% SOC, fortunately they are ok, I hope.
On the Multi, errors: Grid lost, low battery and high discharge current and when I tried to turn it back on I quickly shut it down because the smell was not great. I tried to turn it on in "charge only" mode ditto, just the "main on" light on.
I think I'm good to use the warranty, too bad.

Has this ever happened to anyone? I thought Victron products were very reliable, so I must be out of luck.

Thanks in advance for your advice and feedback.

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Since it is a fairly new install, i would take it back for a warranty claim.

Sometimes components fail. Could be a bad batch? If it passes through the right channels issues like this will come to light.

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nicles avatar image nicles Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Hi Alexandra, many thanks for your comment. I hope there will be not any problem with warranty from Victron, and fingers crossed it will be quick too so I can be back with initial config.

I hope also it will serve to improve components, and I especially hope that nobody else will have the same problem as me. I can rely on the grid but I can't imagine the same issue with off grid installation

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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ nicles commented ·

It doesnt sound like there will be. Being involved in manufacturing I can say sometimes bad components happen/are supplied. That is what a warranty is for covering thise defects.

Its not fun when offgrid. Usually though being offgrid means you have other options lined up for power. (Or should be)

Sometimes things go wrong even when you do everything right - that is just life.

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Jons Collasius avatar image Jons Collasius commented ·

This is a case for the product warranty. Contact your distributor.

In fact, Victron products are usually inconspicuous and require no maintenance or care. If something blows, it is not normal.

However, I am not familiar with the French laws regarding warranty procedures.

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nicles avatar image nicles Jons Collasius commented ·

Thanks for your comment Jons. You're right this is the first thing that came to my mind: there is no reason for something blows in these circumstances.

I will keep you posted on the warranty.

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