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Multiplus 12/1600/70 alarm flashing. Charger on. what does this mean?

I connected a LifePo4 and the result is a blinking alarm LED and charging LED permanently on.

I have the settings on the minimum cut-off for the battery and somewhat higher charging current than default on the inverter (changed 50A to 70A - both within the range of the battery specs).

No load.

Why the blinking alarm?

multiple inverters
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@clive87 Chapter 7 of the manual gives details regarding the alarm Led.
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No none of those are applicable unfortunately.
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Maybe also consider downloading the handy Victron toolkit app.

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THE handy app?? Which one? That page is yet another Victron maze of pseudo info:



VictronConnect product page for more information.

  • VEConfigure 3 (v9004234)
  • VE.Bus Quick Configure (v9010153) - For installations up to 3 Multis
  • VE.Bus System Configurator (v9009152) - For larger installations
  • VEFlash (v9005162) - Firmware update tool to update VE.Bus products

Instruction video showing how to program your VE.Bus product in VE.Configure

Instruction video showing Remote VEConfigure using VRM:

BMV Reader

BMV Battery monitor software.
For models BMV-600 series and 700 series



ad infinitum

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If you go to the download site for your phone, you'll find the Victron toolkit.

I don't find the LED part very helpful. Saying that before you complain ;-)

What would help is if you tell us the settings in the Multiplus.

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I am actually still trying to wake a sleeping lithium. Manufacturer claimed the default setting on the inverter was set set at too low a charge current but this does not seem to be the problem. The strange blinking has stopped.

I wait and see . . .

Thanks for the links I am following up.

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