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Venus Setting System Setup configuring (AC In 1)

Hello, i have a 3 Phase System with 3x 48/8000 MP II (Grid tied)

Now i have to use a CoGen Genset also with this installation. Its already working if i switch AC IN 1 in Venus settings form (Grid->Generator if Generator is runing) and change it back to Grid if Generator is turned of.

Now my Question is possible to make this automated?
- I already tryed NodeRed but (System AC IN) is not writable
- i had a look for Modbus TCP but the needed register is also not writable
- i found that its possible to modify settings also in console like this:

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings AddSetting SystemSetup AcInput1 0 i 0 2

IS it possible to change the AC IN Value too maybe by console?

cerbo gxNode-REDgenerator auto startgen start
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