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Frequent error 17

Hello everyone

I have a installation with the following equipments:

12 Quattro 48/10000

6 fronius sumo 12.5

48 batteries of 1440 ah ( 2 strings in parallel)

1 color control gx

This installation is also supported by a generator of 120kW

Since it was installed, it appears apparently in random the error 17. This error appeared at several different time of the day and with diferente equipments working, ie, just supplied bu batteries, just supplied by generator and just working with the fronius.

The strange this is that for some time it works for 1,5 days and other just for 2 hours.

I’ve check the comm cables and the length of the dc cables are quite short, max 3,5 meters,

Can someone please advise and help me ?

I’m from Portugal by the way.


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Hi everyone

I updated the firmware of color control gx for v2.30~51.

The system worked fine for 2 weeks and last Thursday 6th of June, error 17 appeared again.

Can anyone help me? I asked my distributor for someone to go to the site but it seems they have nobody

Thanks in advanced

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·
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luiszi answered ·

Dear Guy

Thank you.

We’ve already done the replacing of the comm cables. Since we had this problem from the 25th of April, I had already read some the questions related to this issue.

The problem keeps appearing.

While on remote access I realised that when the generator is on, the L1 AC in shows zero amps while showing power coming out from L1.

Also after updating the firmware of the Quattro from 433 to 459 the dc voltage measurement show 46vdc in the Quattro and 50vdc on the bmv702. We’ve mesured and the correct value was from the bmv.

Does the color control gx needs any firmware update to overcome this erro (error 17)? Currently is with 2.23


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mikeb answered ·


I have had the same issue with random error 17’s

I have done all the cons cables etc as well as replacing the inverters

After replacing the inverters the system ran fine with no issues for 3 weeks and a day then went in to error

Has since run for 2 weeks with no errors

The only thing that hasn’t been replaced on my install is the colour gx

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luiszi avatar image luiszi commented ·

Hello Mike

Thanks for your message.

Tomorrow i’m Changing again the comm cables but it isn’t pratical for me to change the inverters-their 12 units!

Which firmeware do you have in your CCGX? It seems to me there is something with this equipment that might be causing the error 17.


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I have been running the latest firmware on the colour gx that’s been available at the time

The installation was done back in February and had error 17’s from

The start anything from a few days to anything up to 3 weeks before I changed the inverters

After changing the inverter had 3 weeks of no errors then had one

It’s been just over 2 weeks now since the last one

There’s nothing I can see that would cause it

It’s just a random error which after remotely turning the inverters on and off again with the colour gx clears and then works for what ever length of time it wants to

So just sat waiting at the moment for the next error to occur

Regards mike

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Paul B avatar image Paul B luiszi commented ·

I feel for you with this sort up unduplicatable issue, its a real pain to isolate.

however I have 2 posable tips that might be of use. these are just were I am upto in trying to isolate this error


How long is the network cable length from the inverters to the ccgx,

if its over 5 mtrs then try running a short cable for while or move the ccgx closer,

I cant finger it for sure but there maybe a ve bus coms error occuring if the cable is over a certain length also if you have a remote control then try disconecting that as well.

I had a site issue that had 3 x multiplus 3000 units and its cable run was 20 mtrs to the CCGX it was working then after a firmware upgrade from 418 (I think) to 459 it would not work with the ccgx as the ccgx could no longer see the multiplus units and I had to shorten the cable run to under 8mtrs to get it to work, I was also getting error 17 then as well but not now. (So far but its only been 1 week)


I also noticed that one of the inverters which were all in parralle was not setup exactly the same as the others after I changed the current limit in the ccgx they should have all been the same ie 90 amps limit set then each should have been 30amps but one in this case the master was down at 7 amps so I manually changed it to 30 and turned the remote off.

anyway just some posable pointers to look at, dont know if it will help but you never know.

The firmware now in the ccgx is 2.31 it was at the time 2.30

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