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Mobile MultiPlus-II and SmartSolar setup


I'm planning a mobile marine setup and have some questions to those knowledgeable about this device.

In this context, can the MultiPlus-II be configured to seamlessly use the grid to assist the inverter during loads exceeding the capacity of the inverter?

Can the MultiPlus-II connect with a Victron SmartSolar charge controller via without a GX device involved?

I assume that the MultiPlus-II can be used in a mobile setup, connected to the grid with a power plug where AC-IN L and N are occasionally shifted. I assume that the AC-OUT N/PE coupling relay will remain open while connected to the grid and the MultiPlus-II will remain indifferent to the actual AC-IN "polarity".

Due to the marine environment the grid PE would go through a galvanic isolator.

Thank you in advance.

Multiplus-IIMPPT SmartSolarVE.Direct
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