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Multiplus II MK3-USB Instance num keeps alternating on VenusOS

I've been running my build for almost a year now. And the entire time, have had the issue where if my VenusOS restarts, my Multiplus will alternate between instance 289 and 290.

My understanding is that this was fixed for Victron-made Venus devices in a previous update, but does not seem to be fixed for Raspberry Pi devices. I am running the latest VenusOS. Everything is kept on the latest firmware.

My system:

Multiplus-II 48v/120v/3kVA
SmartShunt 500A
SmartSolar 150/85
VenusOS v2.89 on RaspPi on wifi
Lynx Distributor
Chinese 48v->12v 
14kWh 48v LiFePO4 diy battery 
Overkill Solar JBD BMS

The Multiplus is connected to my RaspPi via official MK3-USB.


TLDR for instances:

  • VE.Bus System (live) - Instance 289
  • VE.Bus Sytem (old) - Instance 290
  • Battery Monitor - Instance 289
  • SmartSolar - Instance 289

That seems obvious in hindsight.

And it's happened over and over (the system has been stable and not restarted often over the last 6 months but happened frequently before that).



It would be excellent if this could be fixed for the next version of VenusOS.

And in the meantime:

  1. Can someone teach me how to fiddle w/ the code to stop this from happening?
  2. Can someone tell me how to merge the 2 data sets?
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