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VRM Display - System with two batteries / shunts (how to select the correct battery in VRM)

I have two systems (boat / van) with two battery banks each, one starter one leisure both properly monitored with a smart shunt each. one is monitored through a GX and one through Globallink 520. Now on the Globallink I seem to not be able to choose which of the batteries is used as main display in the VRM app, widget, status main page. I am aware that I can go to advanced and set up my own widget but to me it is important to see the "correct" battery on the mains page. Now to the actual question ,)

- any way to select the data source for the main apps / widgets also for the Global Link?

- any way to actually show both batteries in any of the widgets because you can only select an installation per widget but not a dedicated battery bank

The issue I have is that I don't want to be happy looking at 100% (of the starter battery) whilst my leisure battery goes down!

Thanks everyone for your support; I´ve added some screenshots for clarity ... rainy morning here so nothing much going on on the panels ...



VRMSmartShuntwidget vrm
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I have the same situation on my boat. BMV712S on my main batteries and a SmartShunt on my starter battery.

Whilst the “Advanced” page displays the parameters of both devices, the initial “Status” page always uses the SmartShunt starter battery display as its headline readout. This is not so useful, yet I’ve not found a way to change it and I don’t know why it selects one voltage source over the other.

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