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Multiplus 12 500 20 only work as inverter when there is no grid connection

Dear Community,

I am new with victron energy, my configuration is as following:

Multiplus 12/500/20

Cerbo GX

MPPT 75/15

and the operation is as following:

1- AC grid connected without any load. Multiplus indicates storage and MPPT indicate float


2-AC grid connected with AC load. Energy flows from grid and Multi still in storage and MPPT in float.

I expected the system should use energy from batteries.


3.- If I disconnect the AC grid, the Multi switch to inverter mode.


The operation from (2) seems very strange, the battery is full and there is solar energy available but it is not used.

Is this operation correct?

What should I change to give priority to use energy from batteries ?



MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargercerbo gx
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Hi @Cesar

What you see is a standard situation, a 'safe' mode. You can change things about, but it depends how you're actually using your system and what you want to do.

For example.. You could limit the Grid input Amps, or even the Multi charge Amps to leave some room in the batts for the solar.

Or set the Multi charge V's to a flat Storage value, so that solar always gets priority charge with it's higher settings.

But the Multi will always serve the loads first from Grid rather than invert from the batts (up to it's input limit). You can of course switch off the grid externally, but the Multi can also be set to do this too from within using Virtual Switch or Assistants, and based perhaps on Battery V or SOC.

So you'll need to delve a bit to find out more. The manuals a good start, asking for the detail here probably slower.. :)

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Thanks for your kind support
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Thanks for your kind support.
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