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VE.Configure - Problem updating ESS assistant to latest with 501 inverter firmware

Hi All,

Decided to update VE.Bus firmware today from 2623497 to 2623501. This is a MultiPlus II, 48V/5000VA. Firmware update went fine (via latest VE.Flash).

VE.Confiure (which is the latest version) indicates that the assistants that were previously running need to be updated (specifically the ESS assistant). When doing the "update assistants from internet", VE.Configure says that the new ESS assistant needs firmware greater than 2623451, and cannot be updated (when 2623501 is obviously greater than 2623451).

Uploaded the previously running assistant to the MultiPlus, and it still works fine, so that is a good thing.

Possibly I should have updated the assistants while still running 497, instead of trying to update them after 501 was installed. Any answers for this, or is it a VE.Configure bug ? Btw. I have done this many times in the past with no problems.

Thanks, Steve.

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Just as a further discovery :-

If I load VE.Configure with "fake target as file" using the saved settings from before the firmware upgrade, it is then able to update the assistant all OK. It is only when actually connected to the real device that this seems to be a problem, possibly because the saved settings file contains firmware version 497, while the real device is now on 501.

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Further comment :-

I see that the error I got was NOT when trying to update the assistant, it was actually when trying to RUN the old assistant. After updating the assistant, it would run correctly.

Apologies for the noise, will close this issue now.

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