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What are the correct settings for an Off-Grid Victron Quattro & Fronius Primo system

Hi Guys. Please help to me to make a right setting of my system:

I monitoring my system and I saw the Quattro cannot keep the battery voltage in Absorption on 56.8V , always the battery voltage go to 57.1v or 57.2v.

-Also I saw the response of Quattro to reduce the Fronius Power (by frequency ) is too slow and Battery Current( Amp) and Volts (V) go up .

No any alarm on my system but I am worried about my battery

Quattro Charger setting is : Absorption 56.8V ; Float 56.6V. Max Charge amp are 50A

-On both Fronius I setup already MG50.

-On Quatro I setup already PV Inverter support :

State 50Hz
Start 51.0
Minimum 52.7
Disconnect 53.0

My system already installed below.

Venus GX - VGXFroniusAC PV CouplingAssistants
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I have: 1x Primo 5.0-1 & 1x Primo 4.0-1 .And 1x Victron Quattro 48/8000 -100. All in OFF-GRID connected. ---On the Primo 5.0-1 , first grup, series connected 9 x 310W Trina Mono, South Direction ( I using most in the Winter time) inclination is 45dgr . + second grup, in series 9 x 310W Trina Mono East(6ea) and West(3ea) inclination is 38dgr. All this 18 Panels are connected in series for increase the PV voltage. Will work like this? beacuse some times some Pv are shaded . ---On the Primo 4.0-1 are series connected 12 x 310W Trina Mono , on the south Direction inclination 34 dgr. ---All inverters are in MG50 grid and MPPT 1 is On ( MPPT 2 is OFF) ---In Victron "Assistant" is selected "PV Inverter support"

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My Green Home on the Mountain side.

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Look to my settings in is ok ?

Look to my settings in Ve config ,it is ok ?

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1558701285342.png (69.0 KiB)
1558701323391.png (30.2 KiB)
1558701363431.png (53.6 KiB)
1558701391219.png (42.5 KiB)
1558701429231.png (17.2 KiB)
1558701476230.png (249.9 KiB)
1558701504033.png (249.4 KiB)
1558701528529.png (235.7 KiB)
1558701554245.png (235.8 KiB)

Because for the job to be completely I do like this...

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2 Answers
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Hi there , for starters you have 9Kw attached to a 8Kw inverter and this is above the 1-1 rule

8kw quattro inverter MAX is 8Kw of attached panels/ Grid Tie Inverters

I presume you are using assistants and is this ess or how is it setup.

you may just have to experiment with the Frequancy settings to get them to respond.

I think you would need to reduce the max panel size first and see if that helps

if its not acting quickly enough I would think that you may need to contact Fronius support or look at what setting are avalable there. as I dont know anything about the setting in those units, Maybe with these units you can also connect the data from the Fronius to the Victron system but as I have said I cant advise on that .

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Hi Paul.I never reach to that 9000W power ,because the Pv are in different directions.I think this is not real issues.

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JohnC answered ·

Hi. Such small differences in V can easily be explained by the temp compensation function of the charger. Cold batts - higher V, hot batts - lower V.

Response speed issues may indeed exist, but the target V's can vary too.

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