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EM24 as Energymeter for two Mikroinverter

Hi, I have two balkony power stations (two microinvertes with two panels connected to each microinverter).
I am planning a bigger pv system and for now I would like to track my power consumbtion.
So now I would like to start with two EM24.
One for tracking the powerconsumption of the whole house and a second one to measure the power delivert by my balcony power stations.

Both should be connected to CERBO GX with a RS485 to USB interface cable each.

The connection of the main EM24 is clear to me.

According the EM24 for measuring the power delivery of my balkony power station:
Can I use that EM24 as a 3 pahse system and connect one microinverte to L1 and the other microinverter to L2 for example?
Or can I use the EM24 for that case only as a one phase system with a bridge connected from clamp 1 to 4.

Here a shematic of my thoughts. Dose that work?

It would be very nice, if you can bring some light to my mind in that topic.

Thanks, Marco

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