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Smart Shunt and Phoenix strange behavior


I use in a Island setup a Victron Smart shunt (500A/50mV) to measure the current from the battery to a Victrom Phoenix without and a 48V/12V Inverter for 12V LED lighting.

If the 48V/12V Inverter sucking energy, everything is a s expected, the Smart shunt shows a negative energy consumption. But if the Phoenix sucking energy, the energy consumption is POSITIVE!!

What is wrong here, someone have a idea, what is the problem?

SmartShuntPhoenix Inverter
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How is the battery charged?

How is the charger connected?

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battery is charged with MPPTs, but also in the night with no charge I have this effect.
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its funny..... I found out, in the settings it is possible to change the type: "DC-System" for example count the current for the 48V/12V inverter in positive direction and the Phoenix in negative direction,

"AC charger" setting in the opposite direction....

Strange behavior.....

This should absolutely not happen with such an expensive part!

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Trevor Bird avatar image Trevor Bird commented ·
@buddhafragt is the Phoenix a charger or an inverter? What model Phoenix exactly is it? Where are you seeing the settings "DC-System" as that sounds like a CerboGX setting but I dont see a CerboGX in the diagram? Is the 48v -12v DC -DC device a Victron product? Surely it is not really called an "Inverter" is it? When you say "without VE Direct" what does that mean? Does that mean the inverter does not have VE Direct port or you have not connected it to anything?

The Victron product range is quite wide so these details are important to get emaningful answers to the questions asked.


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