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Do I need an extra RCD ?


I have a doubt with my campervan electrical installation. I'm trying to find the best place for the RCD between the grid mode (with the P17 plug on the right) and the mobile mode (through the inverter). The best configuration I've found is that one (document linked) but I have the feeling I need to put an other RCD before the charger breaker. I'm confused because in some installation Victron documents, we can see different chargers doesn't need a RCD. But mine is plugged (Blue Smart IP65 12/7) and not connect with wires. So it is possible to unplug it.

I tried an other combinaison by putting the charger breaker after the others but that means in mobile mode I will transorm 12V into 220V to charge the 12V battery. Doesn't make sense ^^ !

What do you think ? Is there something wrong in my installation ? Or do I need an extra RCD before the charger breaker?

Thank you for your support! Have a great weekend!

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Schéma électrique.pdf

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The UK regs for Caravan hookup require the site to provide an RCD
They also require a local earth grid that is NOT connected to any site supplied PE connection, whatever the the sysrem. The Idea is to ensure all mobile connections oprate as TT systems with a PE grid local to the connection, thus ensuring you chassis and the field are bound together.

I personally would either have an RCD after you incoming socket that feeds two MCB's, Charger and Van, or use two RCBO's, achieving the same.

Either way you should protect the van electric system when your selector switch is set to external AC.

I would also suggest you use a double pole selector switch so that the N of the grid is not connected to the inverter at all.

You should also fuse the charger output and add battery isolators, unless the fuses are designed to be pulled under load and easily accessible.

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Hi Alistair,

Thank you for your answer.

I'm french and I'm not sure I understood well the first part. Do you mean that if I connect together the N and earth on a mounted bar connected to the chassis is the right installation ?

Also, is it fine if the (-) is connected to that same mounted bar ? Like that all the reference are together.

For the RCD, thank you I will add one for the charger.

The output charger is already protected.

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