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3 Fronius Symo Hybrid and 3 Victron Quattro 10 kVA

Hi there!

We have a system connected to the grid, composed of 3 Fronius Symo Hybrid inverters. Eeach one has its own battery and its own Smart Meter, as well as its own loads. It's like 3 systems in parallel, all connected to the grid.

Now we would like to include three Victron Quattros, also connected to the grid and connected their own battery bank. The grid connection is pretended to be temporary, because the idea is to study the sytem behaviour and if everything goes well, disconnect the entire system from the grid in about 1 year.

We would like the system to have the zero-feed in function enabled during the year that will be connected to the grid.

My questions are the following:

1) We now that Fronius Primo and Symo are capable of working with Victrons, but is it also possible for Fronius Symo Hybrids?

2) If so, is it possible to monitor the Symo Hybrid(s) battery status in the Color Control? How will the batteries of both the Victron and the Fronius will be managed? Which ones will have priority?

3) Lastly, is it possible to control downregulation of the Symo Hybrid power both if the system is connected to the grid (through Ethernet-Modbus) or works in off-grid mode(through frequency regulation)?


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As far as I know

The answer to question 1 is

No the Hybrids have there own inverter and batteries so these you cant connect in parralle to the quattros.

you maybe able to put them on the AC1 in with the grid

and the ccgx/venus would be highly unlikley to show there battery infomation etc

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