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Blue Smart Charger 24/17 & AVR Generator - Incorrect Absorb Voltages on Dirty Power

I am 100% off grid in Portugal currently in a campervan rebuilding a quinta. Whilst i have solar the weather has been terrible and i realised i needed a generator. I wanted a digital inverter type generator but unfortunately there is a shortage of generators here on the whole iberian peninsula and i frankly got what was a available which was a 4kw AVR type generator.

when running the generator when the charger gets to Absorb mode the voltage mostly never hits what has been set - sometimes it does happen, usually when there is sufficient sun for the MPPT to boost up to 29.4v>. however, at night I only ever see 27.5 to 28.3 regardless of current going in to the batteries from 10A to 2A. Its not voltage drop as have a BMV shunt and all the devices in a network getting readings on voltage and temp from the shunt. I minimised all the campervan loads and it made no difference.

A friend came over with their suitcase digital inverter generator and after running for a few mins the charger switched into Absorb and charged at 29.4v...

the generator outputs at 220 to 223v and freq of 51 to 53hz - its well within the datasheet spec but im missing something else that must be having an effect - i thought a powerline conditioner may help but i dont want to spend 150 euros and be in the same place - has anyone had similar issues and solved them?





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