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Mp and Colour control problems

Hi folks, can anybody point me in the right direction ? I have a off grid with no internet multiplus installation been in an working fantastic for two and a half years. Multiplus 5kv,blue solar charge controller,13.5kw byd box pro and a colour control. As I said all has been well until yesterday. The screen started to show the charge controller not producing. When I visited the charge controller reported #67 BMS Connection lost. So rebooted the cc and everything was ok for about 2 mins then the cc screen showed that nothing was connected but in the menu everything was still there all be it with the same fault. So disconnected all the cables inspected them and re installed them same problem so rebooted again same thing two minutes all good then everything disappeared again. Checked the charge controller again and if I made the standalone settings the charge controller started charging but still not on the screen. BUT now every 15 minutes the whole system shut down and wouldn't restart without using the on off switch of the inverter. Night fall now so left and returned this morning having trolled all the posts on this here overnight. Nothing has worked ahhhhhhh until I unplugged Ve bus from the inverter then everything working as normal except the cc screen shows nothing installed but again in the menu everything good. Can anybody please help ? Is the cc knackard ? Can I reset the cc to factory settings ? if so how ? Would it help ? Is the problem with the inverter as opposed to the cc ? Really frustrated. Spent nearly six hours there now and still not 100%

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@Keith Owen

Make sure the cable between the BMU and the GX is ok. Maybe make a new one?

If that does not help then begin with trying to flash the CCGX to reset. The information is here.

The system will shut down from the battery side. If the BYD BMU has no comms with the GX it does not stay alive. Hence the frustrating shutdowns.

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Thanks for the response Alexandra. I will try the reset next then. Fingers crossed.
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