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ET340 energy meter AC loads disappear and exporting to grid

Hi all,

I am having a scenario where I can note that my AC loads are "disappearing", and the value of the AC loads are being exported back to the grid between 20 and 30 seconds as noted in the image below, this occurs every 30mins so. Feed-in is disabled and grid point set to 150W but still an unexpected amount of feed-in happens.

The only factor that I could think is an issue is the distance from the ET340 energy meter and the Venus GX - ~47M. I have used the RS485 with a shielded Mylar cable extension (as recommended after failing with CAT5 and CAT6), this seems to have had improved but his still happens. I have contacted my distributor as well as asked a few local experts but there is no definite reason why this would happen, I have also had a look at numerous issues related but tried and no success, I have tried the 3,5mm audio jack hack as well. Feedback to the grid is an issue since in Cape Town, South Africa importing excess power requires an additional meter at a cost which is not a feasible solution.

The system is running ESS as well.

Any help or suggestions or at least a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Let me know if additional information is required about the site.


It seems to be related to phase rotation issue, we have traced the phases from the main kiosk and ensured L1 = L1; L2 = L2; L3 = L3. (red, white, blue). This is consistent right through, however then the phase rotation warning message appears and only when swapping around L1 and L3 does the phase rotation message disappear, this only seems to be a work around and the below image is still relevant. We have found no issues during blackouts, only when running normal ESS.


Phase rotation has been eliminated as an issue. The energy meter seems to "disconnect" at this point in time. I have tried new data cables and new RS485 cable, but the issue still remains, a new energy meter has been installed as well.


Site summary:

  • 3 phase house with ET340 energy meter.
  • Venus GX
  • 3 X 5KVA multiplus 2
  • 3 MPPT (2x 250/100, 1x 150/45 - 2 x connected VE.Direct and 1 connected USD to
  • Freedom won 20/16Kwh LiFePo4 module.
  • RS485 to usb with extension (47M)

ESSEnergy Meter3 phasefeed-in limit
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